Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the COVID-19 policy?

    We’ll be taking every precaution to prevent COVID from spreading at the Festival. However, an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 and variants exists in any public place where people are present.

    We are carefully following new developments with the pandemic and will comply with any new recommendations set forth by the Mexican government. We will also comply with all COVID-19 regulations set forth by all Festival venues, including, but not limited to, requiring masks for all indoor activities. When traveling to tour starting locations, use of masks is at the discretion of each individual, unless the driver/tour leader elects to require all participants to wear masks.

  • Tipping, in Mexico?

    Yes, tipping is common, and 15% is typical for taxis, waiters and tour guides
  • Where is the best place to stay during the event?

    The festival host hotel is the beautiful all-inclusive Hyatt Ziva.
  • Are there places to stay other than the Hyatt Ziva?

    Yes! Possibilities include the following, and many others:

    Bonnie Jauregui +52 (322) 172 48 41

    +52 (322) 226 80 50

    • Hilton Vallarta Riviera All-Inclusive Resort Link

    +52 (322) 176 13 00

    +52 (322) 222 08 07

    +52 (322) 252 00 70

    • Holiday Inn Express Puerto Vallarta Link

    +52 (322) 226 77 60

    Possible air + hotel package deals

  • Do you accept cash?

    That depends. The VBNF will accept cash payments in either Mexican pesos or US dollars (but not a combination of the two) for merchandise, and for tours when there is space available on the day of a tour. Note, however, that if you want to pay in cash, we will not make a confirmed reservation for you on a tour. Cash payments only put you onto a waiting list, and do not guarantee a spot on a tour.

    If you need to pay for admission to the Vallarta Botanical Garden for an event (because you have not registered for the Festival), you may pay in pesos or dollars.

  • If we have a VBG membership, do we still have to pay for Garden admission?

    No, but you must present your current membership card. If you attempt entry without your membership documents, the attack Chachalacas will be engaged.
  • Are there alternate pick-up/drop-off locations for the tours other than the Hyatt Ziva?

    Yes, but we must know that you want an alternate pick-up and we cannot backtrack from a tour destination. We will do everything reasonable to accommodate alternate locations, as appropriate for the tour in question. Possibilities include:

    1) Hyatt Ziva entry and taxi sitio

    You may taxi, Uber or walk in and out of this locale but there is no parking for private vehicles

    2) Vallarta Botanical Garden parking lot and taxi site

    There is very limited parking for private vehicles, but taxis and buses are available here

    3) Pemex Gas Station/OXXO

    No parking is available here, but you may find street parking nearby. Located on Hwy 200/Púlpito/Basilio Badillo area, Zona Romántica, Colonia Amapas

    4) Walmart opposite the cruise ship port/marina and next to the Liverpool Galerías Shopping Mall

    Blvd Francisco Medina Ascencio 2900, Puerto Vallarta

    Free surface parking is available here at the Walmart, and covered parking is available for a fee (10 pesos/hour) in the Galerias Mall.

  • How can I give to the Vallarta Bird and Nature Festival? Or can I become a Sponsor?

    We accept cash, credit cards, blood and/or your right arm. Check the About page for donation information. We are very grateful for all donations!


    To arrange your sponsorship of the Vallarta Bird and Nature Festival please contact Nancy Holland at +1 (608) 886-3902 or email at

    With a $10,000 MXN or $500 USD Sponsorship Level

    • Logo with link on festival website
    • Logo recognition on festival sponsor poster
  • What if I have dietary restrictions?

    Let us know, please.
  • What are those little brown birds?

    I don’t know, but maybe you’ll find out on a tour!
  • Can macaws talk?

    Loud and clear! One of the many reasons they do not make good pets! They’re definitely communicating, maybe screaming, and possibly even conspiring against you. Yet they are the absolute worst-poached birds on the planet: At least 28 percent of the parrot species out there are threatened or endangered.
  • Are any of these birding areas wheelchair accessible?

    Sadly, accessibility is very limited. There are accessible areas at the VBG and the Hyatt Ziva conference room and hotel area, and it may be possible to access the Marietas Island boat tour , and the El Salado and the Butterfly Sanctuary tour, depending upon your abilities and the availability of assistance to get in and out of the boat. The El Salado mirador is not wheelchair accessible. Please contact us with questions.
  • Are there any good photo opportunities?

    Many! If you carry a big lens mounted on a tripod, it could get crowded at times, so the VBG photo tour is the one for you. Alternatively, if you use your camera hand-held, you’re likely to find many willing subjects posing on all of the tours.
  • My partner is not a birder, will there be things for a non-birder to do?

    Searching the internet provides a number of activities and sightseeing opportunities including history, museums, shopping, and excellent golf courses. We expect that a non-birder could easily spend a week in the area and still not have covered what this area has to offer.

    Canopy River


    Rhythms of the Night by Vallarta Adventures


    Vista Vallarta Golf Course


    The Church of Our Lady Guadalupe


    Art Galleries in Puerto Vallarta


    Art Museum Puerto Vallarta


    Malécon Puerto Vallarta


    Sergio Bustamonte Gallery

  • What will the weather be like in February?

    We experience tropical weather, and towards the end of February temperatures range from 27ºC day/17ºC night (81/63ºF) without precipitation
  • I have additional questions, who can I call?

    For further questions, call or WhatsApp Vallarta Bird and Nature Festival at +1 (608) 886-3902 or email