Vallarta Bird Festival 2015
to Mar 8

Vallarta Bird Festival 2015

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The Vallarta Bird Conservancy will sponsor this 2015 festival and it will commence March 5, we will meet at Grand Miramar Hotel to depart to different routes of birding then we will have lunch in the beautiful Vallarta Botanical Gardens the first day. Continuing through March 8, Sunday, four action packed days of birding and nature walks with expert guides in unique habitats will be sure to satisfy even the most advanced birders. Lectures from local and international authorities on many interesting bird and birding related topics along with photography workshops, tour for amateurs in Botanical Gardens and in the unique stuary in the city of Puerto Vallarta, we will have learning activities for adults and kids, we will have merchandise for sell. Come and enjoy the Fest of Birds!.

Don't forget your binoculars and cameras!

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